Camp Unique Day 1 Monday July 19, 2021

Day 1 of Camp Unique was good! I saw many people I knew and met a few new people! Maybe I can get to know them as the rest of the week of fun continues! And what’s different about this year’s Camp Unique, is that it’s at the one and only Acadian Village! It’s different from the Bayou Church, where it was usually held, but I think this place is alright overall.


As usual, after everyone got there, we began the day with Praise and Worship. This is where we sing and dance along to Praise and Worship songs. We sang, danced, and had fun!


After we finished, we got to get together with our team members! Well, instead of “Teams”, we go with the term “Tribes”! They gave us the names, Ndoto, Rafiki, Kipekee, and Ukweli. I’m in the Ndoto tribe! We also lit tiki torches and learned that the fire of the torch represents the life as we began the day before we headed off to Fitness!


At Fitness, we began with my favorite game to start it off with known as “Pop See Ko” (You can look up the video if you don’t know what it is to get an idea of it)! And then we got to throw medicine balls in different ways such as by overhead throwing and twisting our upper bodies. I was throwing 20 pounds (I’ve done 25 before)!


Next we went to Art, where we colored small pictures that resemble important things such as Friendship, Justice, Peace, and Strength (There was more)! I didn’t have the colors that I had in mind available for some, but I got creative and used what I had!


After that, we had a snack break where we got to have animal crackers and water or Capri Sun! I chose water to keep myself hydrated through this heat!


And then it was time for a Scavenger hunt, where we had to look for 20 blue band tags! I even got to find two myself! I also had to use some math to keep track of how many we found and how many we had to still find. We had to go to different buildings and we got to learn how people used different technology from back then for dental care and making sheets. We even went to the old church and schoolhouse! After we found all 20, we had to look for a small blue paper that revealed our team name (I forgot it lol).


And for the final activity of the day, we got to dance and sing karaoke! I didn’t have a song in mind, so maybe I can think of one and then sing when I’m ready! But I did enjoy doing a favorite line dance of mine known as the Cupid Shuffle!


After we finish is when all of the groups get together and everyone leaves as their rides arrive. This was a blast and it was only Day 1! I can’t wait for the rest of the 4 incoming days!