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Camp Unique Day 5 Friday July 23, 2021

Day 5, the grand finale of Camp Unique, was the best! It’s a shame that this camp can’t last any longer, but I guess it’s better than nothing!

For today, instead of the usual, we only did Praise and Worship and then danced all the rest of the time outside under the shed!

And do you remember the girl I talked about named Avrie? Her and I not only got to talk more and found out that we have a lot in common, but we got to dance together for certain songs! I sang and danced to every song I knew along with Avrie and the rest of the campers and volunteers (Shape of You, Cupid Shuffle, and Cha Cha Slide to name a few)! We also had a guest singer sing the songs for us (I forgot her name, but she was good)! It was also pretty hot so we got to cool off and hydrate at times. And the thing is that the time passed by so fast!

During my break from dancing, I found out about a dance studio called Jill Listi Dance Studio that has a program through D.R.E.A.M.S. I was thinking about giving Unique Fitness a temporary break and giving it a try once they open registration again! What’s good about dancing is that it’s good exercise (As I’ve been told and found out today)!  It would also help me get out more and try new things like I plan to! I’ll have to see more about it!

Camp Unique may have been in a different location for this year, but everyone did an awesome job at making it just as special as it was at the Bayou Church! I want to thank Ms. Donielle Gaubert Watkins, Mr. Brian D. Watkins, Jamie Wallace Yates, Suzie Hargroder, Melissa D. Leblanc, and everyone else that volunteered for this amazing camp (Let me know if I accidentally left you out in the comments so I can tag you too)! It was a blast seeing all of my friends again! I can’t wait for next year’s Camp Unique!

Camp Unique Day 4 Thursday July 22, 2021

Day 4 was even better than the other 3 days of Camp!   The days just get better and better!   It’s just too bad that tomorrow is the last day of it.   At least I’m having a blast!

After everyone got there and after singing and dancing along to Praise and Worship, we had a special guest CYT’s Gerald Broussard and a partner of his visit us today! They also had Logan as their volunteer for a science experiment! This experiment was about filling a plastic bag with water and poking through it with pencils (Or that’s at least how it looked from where I was)!  However, the thing was that we didn’t know whether Logan was going to get his head wet or not. So in case he did, they tied a cloth around his head and made it look like a hood lol!  So after poking the pencils through the bag, to our surprise, no water dripped out!  This was also about how we can trust in God even when things get scary!

After giving them a round of applause for the awesome experiment and lesson, we headed to Fitness where we got to practice our forward punches and ducking when our partners would swing the noodles that we were using at our heads! But not before our favorite warm up game (You should know this by now) Pop See Ko!

Next was Art as usual! Today we colored some shapes that we would use for a Totem Pole that we were working on! I also got to help cut out some of the shapes and was complimented by the Art teacher herself for my cutting skills! It was a bit confusing due to the body parts such as ears and noses looking a bit weird, but I was showed where to cut and got it done! They reminded me of some of the ancient Mayan carvings that we learned about in school a long time ago! I also made a bracelet!

After our snack break with pretzels, we got to pet some animals and play some kickball with some UL students! I got to pet two calves and had a dog sniff me, but was too excited for me to pet it lol! It just wanted to play with a stick and barked as it bounced around! And for the kickball, the field was a bit slippery (I think it’s because of the slightly still wet ground), but we still got to go slow enough to not slip (Aside from two times, but no one was hurt lol)! I was also complimented for my catching skills by the students, saying I “Had the hands”!

After we all got a turn to kick the ball, we headed back inside for Karaoke! I got to sing Flash by Queen! I thought it was about the superhero Flash at first, but it turns out it was from an 80’s film with the name Flash Gordon. But I thought it was catchy anyway!

Also, turn your channels to News 15 tonight! I saw them filming around! I’ll try to spot myself! Even thought tomorrow is the last day of Camp, I still can’t wait for what the grand finale has for us!

Camp Unique Day 3 Wednesday July 21, 2021

Day 3 was a tad bit better than Day 2 (Yesterday)! Camp seems to get better as it goes on! I also got to know one of my new friends a bit better (Her name is Avrie)! She’s the one that hugged me when she first saw me before Praise and Worship!

After we got started and sang and danced while praising the lord, we also had a special guest that taught us that honesty is the best policy!  He used the well known Fable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” as an example, but then he talked about how it can sometimes encourage people to lie more because of them being afraid of telling the truth at times. But then he used George Washington’s cherry tree incident as another example of why it’s good to be truthful!

After we left the main building, we were off to Fitness! Today we did an obstacle course that involved hopping, slamming a medicine ball, going over and under bars, and jumping over swimming pool noodles! I did at least 5 or more rounds of it myself! We even had another round where things got a bit tricky because we went faster and went backwards for some of the obstacles, but I pulled through!

After a good exercise from Fitness, we headed to Art where we decorated some “Noise makers”! They’re bottles with small rocks inside and we decorated some construction paper to wrap them in! I got to sit by Avrie because she asked me if I wanted to sit with her! I decorated mine by adding “Lightning Lex” as the text, lightning bolts on the side of it, stars on the corners, and a video game controller at the very bottom to show that I’m a gamer lol! After I finished, because I finished early, I got to help another student with his decorating! The volunteer even thanked me for my help afterwards!

After our snack break with Goldfish (The snack that smiles back lol), we headed back to the shed where Fitness was, but this time, we were off to the side and got to build small wooden houses with Home Depot! It was a bit hard to hold the parts steady and hammer in the nails as the others were hammering because it was vibrating the table, but after a little help, I got the hang of it! I even got a little pin from them on my shirt!

And for the final activity of the day, it was nothing other than Karaoke! I finally got to sing today! I sung Hold On To Me by Lauren Daigle! I noticed that when I started to sing, not only did the lady sound amazed, but everyone went silent and listened lol! After I was done, everyone clapped and cheered! And of course you know I would clap along and clap for the others when they would sing!

Another interaction between Avrie and I today was just before Art while we were waiting for the other group to finish because they were a bit behind. I noticed she was squatting her legs exactly like a ballet dancer does because at the last Camp Unique, an actual ballet dancer taught us how to dance ballet and that was one of the dances she taught us! I asked her if she was trying to do ballet and she said yes and explained that she was a dancer herself! I told her that was very cool! I also found out that the “Angels of Acadiana” that I talked about yesterday is actually called “Ainsley’s Angels”! I have a card for it so I’ll have to look more into it and see what it’s all about! It’s surprising that we’re already halfway done with Camp Unique (A bit of a bummer also)!

Camp Unique Day 2 Tuesday July 20, 2021

Day 2 of Camp Unique today was a bit better than Day 1 yesterday! I met up with a couple of people I didn’t see yesterday and even met more people!

As usual, we began with more Praise and Worship after everyone was there!   What better way to start off Camp Unique, am I right?   It’s fun to sing and dance while praising the lord!

After we finished, we headed to Fitness where we got to lift sand bells for our exercises for today! We had to curl them like bicep weights and lift them above our heads (I was lifting 25 pounds today)!   But we didn’t do that before our favorite warm up game, Pop See Ko! I forgot to mention yesterday that I along with another girl had to introduce it to the class and show them how it was played.  And due to some new kids coming today, we both had to do it again lol.  But we both enjoyed showing how it was played!

After Fitness came Art!  Do you remember when I talked about those bands that we were collecting for our Scavenger Hunt yesterday?  Today we got to decorate our very own headbands (We call them something else, but I forgot it lol)! I got to write my nickname “Lightning Lex” on it with lightning bolts and stars with a gold marker (Gold goes well with blue in my opinion)! I also wrote my tribe name Ndoto on the back with stars and moons to resemble the “Dreams” mark! And now we get to wear them to camp everyday from now on!

After our snack break with Cheez-Its, we got to go outside in the parking area where an organization called “Angels of Acadiana (I think)”came over to give us rides on their carts used in races that they do! I had fun going fast lol!  I was also thinking that I could look into it and see what it’s all about because I plan on getting out more!

After we all had our turns of riding, we got to do Karaoke again! Unfortunately, I still can’t think of a song to sing. If you have a suggestion for me, tell me in the comments and I’ll look into it! But I did enjoy listening to the others sing and clapping along with them!

Today was even better than the first day, and it’s only the second day! I can’t wait for the next three days of this year’s Camp Unique!

Camp Unique Day 1 Monday July 19, 2021

Day 1 of Camp Unique was good! I saw many people I knew and met a few new people! Maybe I can get to know them as the rest of the week of fun continues! And what’s different about this year’s Camp Unique, is that it’s at the one and only Acadian Village! It’s different from the Bayou Church, where it was usually held, but I think this place is alright overall.

As usual, after everyone got there, we began the day with Praise and Worship. This is where we sing and dance along to Praise and Worship songs. We sang, danced, and had fun!

After we finished, we got to get together with our team members! Well, instead of “Teams”, we go with the term “Tribes”! They gave us the names, Ndoto, Rafiki, Kipekee, and Ukweli. I’m in the Ndoto tribe! We also lit tiki torches and learned that the fire of the torch represents the life as we began the day before we headed off to Fitness!

At Fitness, we began with my favorite game to start it off with known as “Pop See Ko” (You can look up the video if you don’t know what it is to get an idea of it)! And then we got to throw medicine balls in different ways such as by overhead throwing and twisting our upper bodies. I was throwing 20 pounds (I’ve done 25 before)!

Next we went to Art, where we colored small pictures that resemble important things such as Friendship, Justice, Peace, and Strength (There was more)! I didn’t have the colors that I had in mind available for some, but I got creative and used what I had!

After that, we had a snack break where we got to have animal crackers and water or Capri Sun! I chose water to keep myself hydrated through this heat!

And then it was time for a Scavenger hunt, where we had to look for 20 blue band tags! I even got to find two myself! I also had to use some math to keep track of how many we found and how many we had to still find. We had to go to different buildings and we got to learn how people used different technology from back then for dental care and making sheets. We even went to the old church and schoolhouse! After we found all 20, we had to look for a small blue paper that revealed our team name (I forgot it lol).

And for the final activity of the day, we got to dance and sing karaoke! I didn’t have a song in mind, so maybe I can think of one and then sing when I’m ready! But I did enjoy doing a favorite line dance of mine known as the Cupid Shuffle!

After we finish is when all of the groups get together and everyone leaves as their rides arrive. This was a blast and it was only Day 1! I can’t wait for the rest of the 4 incoming days!

Night to Shine Prom 2020

Had a fun time at the Night to Shine Prom Friday night! While not everything went as planned, it was still fun overall! I got to meet up with friends of mine, eat some of the meat pies that I help make for the public, and even felt like I got a bit of a celebrity like moment due to walking down the red carpet before the links arrive with everyone cheering! I would like to thank Jaden Landy for being my outstanding buddy that never let me down and was by my side for the entire night, Tammy Sturgill Landy for allowing her to be my buddy for the night, Kaylon Khamphilavong and Triston Thorne for showing up along with everyone else apart of D.R.E.A.M.S. such as Coaches Damon Vincent and Catherine VincentMax Vining and Kirby ThibeauxAva HebertPamela Broussard, and last but not least, Mr. Brian D. Watkins and Donielle Gaubert Watkins for arranging this amazing night along with the One Church! And if anyone has any other pictures with me in them, feel free to message them to me!

Unique Fitness Christmas Carol December 21, 2019

Well, today has sure been a big day for me! As you can tell by my picture that I took this morning with my Santa Claus hat, I went Christmas Caroling with the D.R.E.A.M.S. Unique Fitness group! We had a lot more people that showed up than I expected, but I guess that’s good because it shows that the foundation itself is getting bigger and becoming more popular!

As for our songs, we got to sing 5 of them. They’re known as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Silent Night, Jingle Bells, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and Silver Bells! Funny little fact: I’m not sure if anyone had noticed, but I kinda decided to sing my own little version of Jingle Bells at one point. It goes “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin just layed an egg, the Batmobile lost one wheel, and the Joker got away, aw man!” lol! I did sing the original words for the rest of the time although, but I just wanted to be silly for a bit. I didn’t mean to ruin it for anyone.

I did enjoy singing along with everyone for the rest of the songs. One of the guitar players Sydney Broussard complimented me on my deep voice and told me about how I was good at doing low pitched voice lines. I thanked her and continued singing for all of the residents there. Just by looking at the warm and joyful smiles on their faces, I can tell that this meant a lot to them. I’m very glad that we got to make their day with holiday cheer!

After we were all done, I got to take a quick picture with a good friend of mine Logan Watkins before heading out in front of the Christmas tree that they had put up (the pictures are all below, see if you can spot me in the one with all of us!). Afterwards, we were off to the bowling alley to do some fun bowling and eat some delicious pizza!

As for the bowling part of the day, I couldn’t seem to get even a spare. This disappointed me a bit, but I guess it’s due to not being used to bowling a lot. I did get better as the game went on, however. I guess I just had to boost up my confidence a bit. At some points while waiting for my turn, I got to talk with more good friends of mine Max Vining and Kirby Thibeaux along with Logan. I asked if they could order more pizza due to it all disappearing as if a magician made it all vanish into thin air and still being hungry lol. Fortunately, they were able to get enough for everyone!

At one point, Logan and I got to arm wrestle for fun due to him arm wrestling Max already. Him and I just held each other at the same spot for a minute straight before we decided to forfeit due to not wanting to break each other’s arms lol. But we had fun talking and laughing with one another overall! And even though I got the lowest score in bowling, I suppose the day itself still wasn’t bad at all! I even got to play some arcade games while waiting for my mom and step dad to pick me up.

And last but not least, this fantastic day had ended with a fun family Christmas party! I sure am glad that I got to experience this awesome day and make all of the senior residents happy. I would like to thank all of my D.R.E.A.M.S. friends for taking part in making this day fun, Coach Damon Vincent and Catherine Vincent along with Donielle Gaubert WatkinsPamela Broussard, all of the people that played the instruments as we sang, Jeanne Donellan Comeaux, and all of the remaining volunteers that offered to help us all out today! Seriously, I don’t know how to thank you people enough!

D.R.E.A.M.S. X-mas Party 2019 December 18, 2019

Well, I sure had a blast at the D.R.E.A.M.S. Xmas Party tonight! I got to meet new people and make friends with them as well! Ever since I first walked through the door, I’ve gotten compliments from a lot of people saying that I was looking good. I thanked them all and began to socialize with more people as more arrived. I got to take several pictures with them as well!

Eventually, we got to eat lots of delicious food involving our meat pies! I enjoyed everything on my plate and had a couple of delicious desserts as well. I got to also take some cookie cake home with me because I am a HUGE cookie cake lover lol!

I also got to dance to the three of my favorite line dance songs! The songs were Footloose (which I did at Camp Unique and my high school prom), Cupid Shuffle (always been a favorite of mine since childhood), and the Cah Cha Slide (another childhood favorite). I loved doing all dances with my friends and sung the songs as I danced as well.

After dancing, I got to take a picture with “Santa Claus”! I didn’t get the picture because a photographer was taking the pictures for us. After I took the picture, I received a small bag of candy from him. I thanked him for it and went back to talking with my friends.

Towards the end of the party when the volunteers were cleaning up, I got to meet Miss Louisiana Taja White! Her and I took a selfie with each other, which you can see below! I got to tell her about how one of my cousins was in a Beauty Pageant as well, but she didn’t seem to recognize her first name.

And that wasn’t the only surprise that I had received tonight. It turns out, I have found out that I am related to Melissa Castille Lavergne and her kids! My grandfather on my father’s side of the family was a brother to her grandmother! They were both brother and sister! Small world isn’t it? I got to take a picture with them below as well!

As the party came to a close, I got to help take the tree down and help pack some of the ornaments and lights. I helped out with what I could and then eventually told everyone bye and thanked them all for a good time! You know, I have to admit, I believe that this party was better than the past ones! There were lots of people tenet and interact with, the place was much bigger, and it was just a lot more fun tonight! I would like to thank Ms. Donielle Gaubert Watkins and Mr. Brian D. Watkins for planning this awesome event, Claire Carriere and her boyfriend Dylan, Lauren PrudhommeRobyn Wimberley BlackwellAbigail Muffoletto, and everyone else that showed up and made this event awesome! Also Rio High once again for the compliment lol! I surely cannot wait to go Christmas Caroling this Saturday with my Unique Fitness class along with others! Be sure to look for that blog!

Halloween of 2019 October 31, 2019

Well, I sure had one awesome Halloween last night! Due to the weather being very cold, we went to the Acadiana Mall to do Trick -or-Treating. As we went from store to store receiving candy from almost every one of them, I’ve often got lots of kids complimenting my costume and had one man compliment my Scepter! I also got to explain to him about how it was handmade and how I received it.

When we went around the food court area, there was one employee that had decided to take my picture! But I had a much bigger surprise during the event, I got to see one of my D.R.E.A.M.S. friends Ali Wood along with her caretaker Natalie Simon and her daughter! We got to take a picture together, which is below!

There were lots of people so it was obvious that we were not the only ones to think of that idea lol! Even though a few of the stores had run out of candy, we still had managed to have fun and celebrate my Stepdad’s birthday with a dinner at Texas Roadhouse! I got to eat some delicious rattlesnake bites along with some fried pickles! And for the main course, an all American cheeseburger with a side of steak fries! Once we finished and began to head out, I noticed that when the wind was blowing, my cape was flying with the wind like a superhero cape lol! I thought it was pretty cool.

If you ever wondered why I chose to be Loki for Halloween, well I hope you know how video game mods work because that’s what gave me the idea! One day while I was playing Skyrim on my Xbox One, I had downloaded an Infinity Gauntlet mod that allows the Infinity Gauntlet from The Avengers to be added to the game! Although it is not exactly like the one in the movies or comics because the creators have to make it fit in with the game somehow. Anyway, a Loki outfit just so happened to be a bonus for the mod. And that’s when my brain had just hatched the idea! So that’s how I became Loki, prince of Asgard for Halloween! I also might possibly attend Comic Con next year with the same costume!

I would like to thank Ali and Natalie for taking a picture with me, my aunt Teresa Davis Kaldis once again for ordering me the Scepter, and my awesome family to take my sister and I out for the night! And as for tomorrow, I will be going to the Corvette Car Show later on tomorrow afternoon to help sell our meat pies! Be sure to look for my blog for tomorrow!

DREAMS Manufacturing 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Well, today was our one year anniversary for the D.R.E.A.M.S. Manufacturing Company! I got to see my fellow employees all dressed in uniform for our new picture that was taken for our new label that will go on our meat pie boxes!

Before the picture taking, I got to talk to my friends about how Halloween is coming up and what we plan on dressing up as. I was trying to decide whether to go as a werewolf or Loki from The Avengers. There seems to be more people leaning towards Loki, so I may have to look at getting the scepter for it soon because it’s selling fast! One of my friends wants to go as Genie from Disney’s Aladdin and another wants to be Maleficent from Maleficent (I think).

After a little while, it was time to take the label picture! I had to make sure that my face could be seen and that I had the best smile I could pull off! We took one regular, another with our hands in the air, and the final one was with silly faces! Just before the picture was taken, I overheard Ms. Donielle say that this picture will be going national! But because it’s for the label, I think that’s what she meant due to everyone buying the meat pies will see the faces of awesome employees and managers!

After the pictures were taken, there was food served, but I left shortly after because I wanted to eat with my mom and sister, who were waiting in the car. I just didn’t want to be stuck doing nothing at a restaurant. But I got to tell everyone bye and head out to help do a couple of errands afterwards!

You know, this job has really helped me out in life so far! When I just got out of high school, I didn’t really know what I was going to do about where to work at besides try to register for college, which didn’t go as planned. But luckily, I found the Continuing Education program that I went to twice! Aside from that, when I found out about the D.R.E.A.M.S. Manufacturing Company opening soon on Facebook, I thought I could help out due to my certification in Food Handling that I received back in high school! Ms. Donielle and the chef were very impressed with it! On my first day, I was shown how to do things and got the hang of them after a little bit. I got along extremely well with everyone! I’m very happy that I found this awesome job and I’m very thankful for all of the awesome managers and friends of mine that make my job enjoyable! I would like to thank Ms. Donielle Gaubert Watkins for starting the business, Pamela Broussard, Sydney Broussard, Brooke Schexnyder (even though she doesn’t work here anymore) for being awesome managers, Brandon Gaubert for being an outstanding chef, and everyone else that takes part in this wonderful job of mine! You have all really made this part of my life special!

68th Annual Kiwanis Football Jamboree Event

Well, tonight I got to volunteer to help sell our meat pies again! This time, we went to the 68th Annual Kiwanis Football Jamboree at the Cajun Field! I got to help hold up fliers for the D.R.E.A.M.S. Manufacturing Company! Although it didn’t seem like too many people were interested at first.

After a while of holding up the fliers and asking anyone around if they were interested, I got to take a short break and meet up with my friends. Some of them were in the DR.E.A.M.S. Cheer Warriors team!

Some time later, while I was back to holding up the fliers, I noticed that the mother of one of my friends was watching the field below. I then decided to go see what we going on and found out that the D.R.E.A.M.S. Cheer Warriors team was preparing for their cheer that they got to do before the game! I surely enjoyed every minute of it!

Shortly afterwards, some shocking news came up. We have sold out of meat pies! I honestly couldn’t believe it at first, but I was very happy when I found out that it was no joke! That’s because it means that we’re selling good and business is getting better!

After everyone began to leave, I got to tell my friends bye and help load up some of the fans that we were using due to the scorching heat outside. My family was there to pick me up just a few minutes after.

You know, this was the very first football Jamboree that I have ever been to! Even though I didn’t get to watch the game, I still enjoyed helping out the Foundation! And I surely can’t wait to help out the next time we sell more to the public!

Meet and Greet Candidate for Mayor President Meat Pie Sale Event

Well, today I had an unexpected surprise event! I got to volunteer to help sell our meat pies at the Meet and Greet dinner for the Candidate for Mayor President of Lafayette Carlee Alm-LaBar!

Before the event, I went over to my friend Logan Watkins’s house to get freshened up and ready for the event! While waiting to leave, I got to meet his pet Yorkshire Terrier named Elizabeth! She greeted me with puppy kisses and followed me around the house for a bit lol! After we were ready, we headed over to the home of the couple that were hosting the dinner!

When we got there, we got to meet the couple and I ended up running into a friend that I ran to in the past Carly Faulk! Her and I recognized each other and remembered that we have met at a certain event before, but weren’t sure exactly where. As people walked in, I introduced myself with a smile and got to tell them a little bit about the D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation and my blogging job for it! Lots were impressed about it and thought it was cool! Once all of the guests have arrived and everyone got settled, it was time to serve the food! Logan and I were assigned to serve our meat pies to the guests! Logan would hand each passing guest a plate and I would take a meat pie with tongs and serve the guest! We worked pretty well together! We got to take a picture with one of the guests that we met Timothy Cazares!

After a little while, the wife of the couple hosting the dinner grabbed everyone’s attention and we got to listen to the speech of the Candidate for Mayor-President Carlee! She talked about how she will do things and what she will change if she is elected! After announcing her speech to everyone there, every guest gave a very strong applause!

Once the speeches were done, Logan and I got to resume our job of serving the guests and got to eat once everyone was served! I ate 1 1/2 of meat pies, a half plate size serving of pasta, and two peanut butter chocolate brownies with lemonade! I got to talk with the Candidate for Mayor President for a bit and explained how I was the blogger for the D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation! Her and I decided to take a picture afterwards!

Once everyone started to leave, I wanted to make sure if my help was still needed before leaving. I was thanked and got very good compliments about not only our meat pies that we have made for this wonderful event, but my help for the event! My grandparents were waiting outside and began to think as I left the house “I guess sometimes life brings you unexpected surprises! I got to not only meet new people and talk about what I do with the D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation, but I got to do some PR work for an event! (as my grandparents called it)”. I even got to keep the shirt that I wore! I would like to thank Ms. Donielle Gaubert Watkins for inviting me to this awesome event, Logan for helping me out with the serving, and everyone else that has attended this event and made it one to remember! All pictures are below!

Lake Charles Gun Club Meatpie Sale

Well, today I got to help volunteer to sell some of our meat pies at the Lake Charles Gun Club! But there was a bit of a change in things, not many people came to the event as expected. But not only did we manage to sell our meat pies, but we got to participate in shooting shotguns and doing Archery! This is the first time I have ever gotten to shoot a cock and load shotgun and do Archery in my entire life! Even if I didn’t shoot any of the flying disks that were launched into the air, I still had fun trying to do so! It’s just a bit hard to aim while following the disk at the same time. But to warn you, that shotgun will leave your shoulder a bit sore at least! I also got to hang out with some of my coworkers and best friends today while cooling off from the scorching heat! I did get a bit of sun lol! When I got to try and do the Archery, the employee walked me through the process step by step and I eventually caught on and shot pretty well for my first try! In fact, you won’t believe this, but I’ve managed to get a bullseye on my third try! I have the pictures taken all below! And you bet my back and upper arm muscles felt pressured! After I completed the Archery, I got to try two of our meat pies and drink lots of water due to sweating like a dog on a hot summer day. But even though the event didn’t go as planned in a way, we still all managed to have fun and try new things! If I had to choose which activity was better, I’d have to say it was Archery! Mainly because you don’t have to worry about a kick back and loud noise. But I still think both activities were very fun! I would like to thank everyone from the D.R.E.A.M.S. Manufacturing Company Donielle Gaubert WatkinsLogan WatkinsSydney BroussardPamela BroussardAshley Castille, and everyone else that participated in the event today! You sure made my Saturday awesome!

CYT Fall Session 2019

If you have a child with special needs that is interested in Acting and Performing Arts, D.R.E.A.M.S. CYT is the perfect program to get them into! CYT (standing for Christian Youth Theater) is a program where kids and teens can act and perform plays for the public. D.R.E.AM.S. has a CYT class of their own and it has everything you would expect in a Performing Arts class! I myself have had experience with the program and I rated it 10/10 every year that I went!

Back when I first got involved with D.R.E.A.M.S. around 2015, I was offered to attend CYT for the Fall session of CYT. I accepted the offer because I felt like it would be a very good opportunity to try something different. After all, it is fun to pretend to be someone you’re not! For the first Fall session that I attended, we did a skit of a parody of KATC! I was a country singer named Lexendary. I had lots of fun performing my character and loved how everyone applauded at the end of our performance!

For the 2016 Fall session, we did a skit of a parody of Family Feud! I got to be a host along with one of my friends that I met at Camp Unique! But instead of talking like a regular host, I had to sing every word I had to say, which I thought was pretty funny because imagine having to give a speech to the class with a voice like that lol. My mother, stepfather, sister, grandparents, and one of my cousins and her family along with her mother ALWAYS came to see my performances and congratulated me after every awesome performance. Honestly, I did truly feel like a star, even though I never got to participate in the actual CYT plays! As for the 2017 Fall session, D.R.E.A.M.S. CYT was doing a skit of the TV show Happy Days! The vocal class got to sing the theme song and a short commercial in between the skit! I guess we managed to make the already awesome performance even better! That’s why if you’re child with special needs loves to act, then I highly recommend this program for them! If you’re interested in signing up, go to D.R.E.A.M.S. Theater Fall 2019! I guarantee your child will have a blast!

If you think your child would like to join the CYT D.R.E.A.M.S. class, please go to the link below to register for class!!

Camp Unique 2019 Day 5 July 26, 2019

Well, as you all should know by now, today was the final day of Camp Unique for 2019! We began with Praise and Worship with the two songs Oh Happy Day and one of my favorites, Pray! After our prayer for the day, we headed off to Fitness!

When we got to Fitness, we played our usual warm up game Pop See Ko! Because it was the final day, I let other campers go before me and offered to go afterwards. I got to show everyone that I can pat my head while rubbing my belly! After we finished, we played an obstacle course racing game! My opponent and I were too close to call a winner, so we settled it on a tie! I also cheered on the other campers as they hopped over the floor latter marks, hopped into hoops on the floor, balanced on foam noodles, and catch a ball at the end. I was reminded of the Pixar lamp while I was hopping lol! After the obstacle course came a parachute game where we had to toss balls into the air like popcorn does out of a pot! I haven’t played with a parachute since elementary school! At one point we had to go under the parachute and run from one end to the other! It was very fun!

After Fitness came Dance! For today, we did some Jazz dancing! It was very fun to learn and dance along to the song! I remember playing the saxophone back in the 5th grade! But of course my music reading skills and instrument playing are a bit rusty now (I brought this up because a saxophone is a Jazz instrument isn’t it?). And then we got to play a game of Duck Duck Goose while listening to the song Macarena! Another song that took me down memory lane of Pre-K lol!

After Dance came Snack Time! I got to have more cookies and water today! I also got to take selfies with friends as you can see below the post!

After Snack Time was over, we went to the karaoke room and sang some more karaoke! This time, I sing Hakuna Matata from The Lion King! Everyone cheered when I was done! After a few more songs, we got to the Chicken Dance once again! Back to Pre-K memory lane it was lol!

After a couple of more karaoke songs, we got to head to the Art room to make some coasters for our parents! I got to paint a black L on it with golden stars, lightning bolts, and even a number symbol with a 1. It was sure fun doing Art this year! And speaking of Art, my project is finished! It’s the very last two pictures below! It’s a fingerless Infinity Gauntlet (Don’t worry, I didn’t actually snap my fingers lol!)!

After Art class came a grand finale for all of this year’s camp! It was a Magic Show! I finally got to see the dazzling magician that was talked about for this year! As I watched his magic tricks and participated by saying my own magic words “Abra Kadabra, Alakazam!”, I felt as if we were all apart of the show itself! I laughed when things got a bit silly and was amazed when the magic tricks worked out exactly like they were supposed to. When the magic show ended, I said all of my goodbyes to my friends and headed out, thinking about what wonderful things will await us all next year!

The D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation has really changed my life. I can still remember my life before of being bullied in school and some other kids thinking that I was a bit weird. And when my Mom found the D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation of Acadiana and signed me up, I was a bit nervous at first due to me not knowing anyone from my school or anywhere outside of school. But as soon as the first day of Camp was over, everything changed in a flash. I now have a place where no one will think I am weird, they will think I am special in my own unique way! Everyone is special in their own unique way! Honestly, I can’t ask for better people to spend an awesome summer camp with! I would like to thank Donielle Gaubert Watkins and Brian D. Watkins for starting the foundation that has changed my life forever, my friends Logan WatkinsAli WoodHayley ScimemiPaolo FerrataDanielle Landry,Adrianna JeanneJaden LandyBella Russo for being there for me and making this camp year another year to remember, the volunteers Natalie SimonTammy Sturgill LandyJanae SnowKaylon KhamphilavongTriston Thorne, and everyone for helping us out and keeping us happy, the Dance teacher Virginia Foshee for teaching us the graceful ballet, Danie Adams for teaching us the groovy Jazz, and everyone else for every other moves we have learned to bust, the coaches Damon Vincent and Catherine Vincent for helping us exercise and letting us play fun workout games, our Art teacherAnne Hoerner for not only her kindness towards us and always being there to help those in need, but her generosity to loan me some sketch paper so that I can do my project and show everyone what I was planning to do in Art this year if we ever got to free draw, and everyone else that took part in Camp Unique this year! You have all made this year special to me! Am I happy you ask? You bet I am!

Camp Unique 2019 Day 4 July 25, 2019

Well, today was the 4th day of Camp Unique for 2019! As usual, we started with Praise and Worship with our favorite songs Deep Cries Out and Pray!

After our prayer for the day came Fitness! We played our favorite warm up game Pop See Ko and also played a game called Grab the Tag and Wack the Mole Fitness style! Grab the Tag is where two players tuck in tags in their pant and they both try to grab each other’s tag from each other. But even though you have to try and not let them get it, it has to be visible enough for the player to catch it if they have the chance. I had lots of fun playing it! After that game came Whack the Mole Fitness style! It’s very similar to Whack the Mole, but instead of using a hammer and moles, we use medicine balls and a foam noodle as the hammer and mole. I got to give myself a good ab exercise due to the challenge for me having to keep my legs off of the floor while turning and whacking the noodle from side to side. But it was still very fun!

After the game was finished, we headed on over to Dance! For today, we got to do our most popular line dance of Camp Unique! It was Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake! After our most recognized line dance, we still had more time to kill for two more line dances. We also did the Cha-Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle! These two were childhood favorites of mine! I sung along while doing the dance and had fun doing so!

After Dance was Snack Time! Today’s snack was chocolate chip cookies with Capri Sun juice or Water! It was very delicious! I got to socialize a bit and even meet more new people!

After Snack Time was over, we headed to the same room where we made cards and made a video to do some karaoke! I got to sing Thunder by Imagine Dragons! My Facebook name Lex Electrifying Goulas is what made me think of it. I was originally going to do Hakuna Matata from The Lion King, but that song is more of a duet song. I even got to do the Chicken Dance along with everyone else! I haven’t done that dance since Pre-K. As we did the silly but fun dance, I had nostalgic memories of my 4-5 year old self doing this every time the song came on.

After our karaoke time was finished, we went to Art! Today we got to trace and color in some hearts! I made two hearts and colored them orange and red.

And for the grand finale of the day, we got to do some amazing science with Mr. Brian D. Watkins, or should I say Professor Brian? Lol! For today’s science experiments, we got to watch a rocket launch into the air and fill some soda with Mentos! They exploded like two soda volcanoes! And for the last experiment, we had some dry ice in water I believe it was. Unfortunately, the experiment for the rocket didn’t turn out as it was supposed to, but at least we still managed to get it into the air! Camp Unique is getting better and better as the week goes on. But the thing is, tomorrow is our last day of camp! I surely can’t wait to see the grand finale of not only for the last day, but for the entire week of this wonderful camp that has changed my life!

Camp Unique 2019 Day 3 July 25, 2019

Today was the third day of Camp Unique for 2019 and it was awesome as usual! For today, we got to learn a new song for Praise and Worship! I forgot what it was called, but it has the line “Step if you’re blessed”. And then we sung our usual song towards the end called Pray. Some Therapy dogs came to visit us today! I got to pet both and received a puppy kiss from one of them lol!

After saying our prayer for the day, we headed off to Fitness to play some more fitness games! As usual, Pop See Ko was the warm up game! After busting a couple dance moves, we got to play Horse and Buggy again along with Squash the Bug, which is raising a medicine ball above your head and slamming it on the ground in front of you. And then we played a game where we have a partner and we are back to back. This game is about passing the medicine ball to each other both clockwise and counter clockwise. We even got to kick some X-Ray papers! I even accidentally kicked the paper out of the coach’s hands a couple of times lol.

After Fitness came Dancing! But instead of Cajun dancing again today, we got to do some Ballet! I got the hang of the jumping, foot positions, and bowing (for the males), but the tip toeing while turning part was a bit tricky. I would like to thank Virginia Foshee for teaching us Ballet today and working with us! Since we had a bit of more time to kill, we got to play Duck Duck Goose again along with hitting a balloon while not letting it touch the ground.

After the games came Snack Time! Today’s snack was Goldfish and Capri Sun Juice or Water. I got to socialize with my friends and talk about how Camp Unique was going so far.

After Snack Time was finished, we got to go outside and play a sport with sticks that had nets to catch a tennis ball (I forgot the sport’s name). After catching the ball, you threw it in a net, which was the goal. I did very well at it! In fact, I’ve managed to test my dexterity a bit and came to the conclusion that I may be a bit ambidextrous. I congratulated my partners as they played the game, caught the balls, and making a goal.

After the games were finished, we went back inside and got to go to Art! Today, we colored some pictures that had the word Love surrounded by plants and flowers. I used all sorts of different colors for the letters and plants. And before we left, we played a funny game where we had to try to draw the person in front of us without looking at our paper! I didn’t do too bad, but I got the hair in the wrong place lol. But it was okay, it was just for fun! While we were heading out, one of the campers didn’t want to take a blank sheet of paper that they had. So I offered to take it home because I have something that I want to do with it, but it’s a surprise! The Art teacherAnne Hoerner gave me sketch paper along with any other pieces of paper she did not need. I thanked her and told her that D.R.E.A.M.S. can’t ask for a better Art teacher than her. She thanked me for my kindness and I got to head out. So I not only got to do a different Praise and Worship song and get kissed by a dog, but I got to learn basic Ballet for the first time, meet even more new people, and receive the main material that I need for my surprise project! I surely can’t wait to see what tomorrow and Friday brings to us!

Camp Unique 2019 Day 1 July 22, 2019

First day of Camp Unique went very good! I got to see a lot of my friends and even meet some new people! And the thing is, this was only the first day! I have a feeling things will get even better as the week goes by! Here’s my experience for Day 1 of Camp Unique!

Before the afternoon of wonderful activities begins, we ALWAYS start with a little activity called Praise and Worship. This is where we sing songs about how great God is and how we should thank him and trust him for everything he does. And at the very end of it, we all say a prayer and get into our groups! Because I was in the blue colored group, our first activity was Fitness!

Fitness is an activity where we have fun playing games and exercise to stay fit at the same time. Today we started off with my favorite warm up game Pop See Ko! In case some of you don’t know what Pop See Ko is, look up Pop See Ko on YouTube to get an idea of what it is. The entire class gets in a huge circle and everyone including the volunteers participates! I got to start off everyone with the dance move known as The Floss. I then passed it to another camper who did a dance known as The Bernie. I knew how to do this dance since I was around 11 or 12 years old. As I did the dance, everyone cheered me on including the coach! After a couple of more dance move done by other campers, we played another game where we pretended to be animals while technically exercising at the same time. One camper did a horse, I did a T-Rex, and another did an elephant. Of course we all did it as a class. I sure had fun pretending to be one of my favorite dinosaurs!

After Fitness comes snack time! Today we had Cheez-It’s and water or Capri Sun juice. I also managed to take some selfies with some of my friends! The pictures will be below!

After snack time comes Dance! Today we learned how to Cajun Jigg! I had an excellent dance partner who is also my friend and a volunteer Jaden Landy! Her and I did each step required and got better as we went on. We learned how to sway, twirl under the arm properly, and even learned how to connect our hips with each other and do a circle movement after that (I forgot what the dance was called).

And after the dancing was done, then came Card Making! Today we were making cards for a girl the can’t get out of the house very often due to her having seizures 6 times a day. And since her birthday is coming up and she loves to get cards, we all made cards for her! I wrote “Happy Birthday (girl’s name)” on the front of the card. And on the inside on the left, I drew a birthday cake with presents, balloons, confetti, and a banner with Happy Birthday on it. I even drew a girl with a crown on her head to resemble the girl and even wrote “Birthday Queen (girl’s name)” with an arrow pointing to her. On the right side, I wrote “Hope you get better soon -Lex”.

After the Card Making came the final activity of the day. That activity is Art! Today our Art teacher had us cut out some blue fabric cloths into pieces of different geometric shapes for a big surprise on the final day of Camp (I don’t want to spoil anything)! We also talked about our theme this year, which is Love and how the type of art that we were doing was known as Fiber Art. After all the cutting was done, it was time for us to leave! Thank you for a great day today Donielle Gaubert WatkinsBrian D. WatkinsKaylon KhamphilavongAlly NguyenTriston ThorneDanielle LandryLogan Watkins, and everyone else that took part in volunteering and helping out! This post will also be going on the D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation of Acadiana in the blog posts!

Camp Unique 2019 Day 2 July 23, 2019

Well, as you all know by now, today was the second day of Camp Unique! In my opinion, today was just a tad bit better than yesterday. But it is extremely close when it comes to voting on which day was better. Today was also special because we had an activity added in today! A company had managed to bring in some animals such as two kids (baby goats), a goose, a horse, a calf, a rabbit, a pig, a chicken, and even a dog! I got to pet the rabbit and two kids (baby goats)! I will have the picture of me petting the rabbit below! It was so fluffy that I thought I was going to die (Despicable Me reference) lol!

After the petting zoo came a dance party due to the other kids getting a chance to see the animals! I got to dance to the two songs Can’t Stop the Feeling and Footloose! Fun fact: I did Footloose at my high school prom! I had tons of fun doing the dances with everyone. After doing the two dances, I got to meet a couple of new people and tell them about my new blogging job and how Camp Unique works. Every one of them congratulated me and I thanked them for their praise.

For the next activity, we went back to our normal schedule and went straight to Fitness! We got to start off the class with Pop See Ko again today! Unfortunately, one of the campers got a little shy and didn’t feel like doing his dance move. But luckily, I offered to take his place and showed everyone my arm waving dance. This dance has both of your arms out with your fingers on both hands together and you move them up and down like waves on an ocean. After our warm up game, we got to play a game called Horse Buggy (at least I think that is what it was called). The game works by two people with a long rubber band that goes around one person’s waist and the other person has to pull back like they would pull back a horse while the other person with the strap around the waist has to run forward and pull, working their leg muscles in the process! I had lots of fun doing it with my partner! And since we had a little bit of time to kill after the game, we played a little bit of a Duck Duck Goose game, but with a Fitness edit to it! We had to hold a squat position as one of the players goes around and picks the goose. I felt the burn, but that’s what you want when you exercise!

After that round of Duck Duck Goose, we went to do some more Cajun dancing! Today I got to dance with my awesome partner Jaden Landy and learn the Two Step! Her and I practiced over and over until we finally mastered the dance and got every step right! I even got to meet her mom, who was taking pictures today!

After the Cajun dancing was over, we had our Snack Time! Today it was Animal Crackers and water or Capri Sun juice! I got to mingle with more of my friends and meet more new people once I was done.

After Snack Time was over, we went to the same room where we made cards for the girl that couldn’t get out of the house and for today, we made a video of us singing a Christian song called I Can Only Imagine! It’s about a man wondering what he will do or how he will react once he meets God for the first time. I sung along with the words and the rest of the group as if it was a song that we were singing all together. We all did a fantastic job and took another short video of us thanking the sponsors for what they do for us.

And for the final activity of the day, we went to Art! For today, we got to use the pieces of fiber material we cut out yesterday to make designs on a white fiber material paper. This paper was heated up and made a different way than the blue ones were. I made a design with my name and what was supposed to be a lightning bolt to resemble my Facebook name Lex Electrifying Goulas! The Art teacher Ms. Anne Hoerner was feeling a bit under the weather today. But I got to help her feel better as I worked on my design by talking about the animals that I got to see and how the rest of my day was. I even got to explain my very own motto to some of the volunteers and campers “You don’t know until you try”. She thanked me for doing so and I was very happy to help because helping those in need is what I love to do. And that could be why I get along with so many people at camp! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow and the rest of the week brings me!